Mama Deb (mamadebfic) wrote,
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For commodorified

She gave me a lovely icon. This is my poor recompense.

Horatio Hornblower/William Bush. Rated R. Takes place during Lieutenant Hornblower


"Mr Bush? Mr Bush?"

Bush turned over in his hammock. There was Hornblower, green with seasickness and his eyes ringed with black from lack of sleep. Sawyer's punishments kept coming and coming. Like any animal, Sawyer could sense the threat, and was trying to wear the young man down.

Bush could have told him it wouldn't work. That Horatio Hornblower was more than any human could defeat - that even as a fifth lieutenant, Hornblower could run the ship with a glance and a word. That Hornblower had defeated him even more surely, in ways Bush could never admit.

"Yes, Mr Hornblower?"

"Please don't think I'm being impertinent, sir, and I know one of us should sleep." There was something in Hornblower's voice that would have made Bush sit up, if it weren't for the deck immediately above his head.

"Mr Hornblower...Horatio, it's quite all right." He felt a hand - oddly tentative - on his arm. He put his own hand over it. "Please call me 'William'."

"William." Bush shivered at the sound. "William, I know we're beyond the tricks of midshipmen, and I know the penalties for the offense, and aboard this ship with this captain, we have no chance. But..."

Bush thought about Horatio's slight, strong body turning under the sea water spray - how he'd made certain to be there to watch it each morning until it became too much to bear, and so stopped. And now Horatio was here and there was no one else present. And it was impossible to say no to Horatio. This Bush felt with every fiber of his being.

"Do you wish to join me here, Horatio? In my hammock?" He extended his arm. Horatio took it and let himself be drawn in until they were crammed together in the tropical heat. Bush pulled him close to find a pair of willing lips opening to him, and then becoming more and more passionate as the kiss continued. He could feel hands, clumsy but gentle, moving beneath his shirt.

Horatio was younger and of a lower rank, and he seemed new at this, and Bush knew he should keep control, determine how the brief time would be spent.

When Horatio crawled on top of him, kissing his neck and chin and rubbing their privates together, Bush couldn't even pretend to assert himself. This was Horatio, who was born to take command, and Bush could do no less than submit himself to him.

That it also felt glorious was but a benefit of this. He kissed Horatio's face and stroked the long, thin muscles of his body as they moved with the ship and the pleasure grew within him until he spent himself to the sound of Horatio gasping above him.

When his senses settled again, Horatio was crammed against him once more, his arms wrapped around Bush's body. "May I lie here for just a few more minutes, William?" His voice was deferential, but that fooled Bush not at all.

"As long as you are able, Horatio." He didn't know how long this would be, or if this would ever happen again, or even where they would go when this voyage ended, but William Bush knew this - he belonged to Horatio Hornblower and would follow him where-ever he led for the rest of his life, no matter what else that would cost him.
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