Mama Deb (mamadebfic) wrote,
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cluegirl wanted some pr0n. However, this is what came out instead.

Harry Potter. Snape/Lupin. G

"Why did you do it?" Lupin didn't look up from the tome. There was neither blame nor disgust in his voice.

"I had no choice." Snape dropped down beside him, carefully keeping his hands open and visible. They also shook, but he could not help that.

They'd been shaking ever since that night. It was fortunate that Narcissa could make any potions they needed.

"Clearly. How could you put yourself in that position?" He turned a page.

"It was necessary. Albus...Albus demanded I do it." Remus nodded. "You believe me?"

Finally, Lupin turned to face him. He looked thinner than ever, and grayer. "I know you, Severus. I know the boy you were and the man you are. You do what you have to do, even if it breaks your heart. And you saved young Malfoy."

"If that is the only thing I am remembered for, Lupin...I will have done better than I would expect."

"Better than I have done. I can't save anyone." He looked straight into Snape's eyes. "I will watch all those bright young lives...and there is nothing I can do."

"You gave them the tools they need, Lupin. You are a better teacher than I am." Snape gazed back, wondering why his heart was beating so quickly.

"When this war is over, Severus. If both of us survive it with any sort of a soul, or any sort of a heart - I'd like to teach you." He placed his hand over Snape's. Snape nodded and grasped it before pouring out the intelligence he'd come to give.
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