Mama Deb (mamadebfic) wrote,
Mama Deb


SGA. Sheppard/McKay PG-13

AU from "Dr. McKay and Mrs. Miller"

Rod gets a clue.


Everyone was there - Elizabeth, wringing her hands, Teyla looking inscrutable in her draperies, Ronon looking - well, Ronon was Ronon, apparently - and Sheppard. John.

Oh, God, John. He didn't realize how much he missed John. John, with his pressed uniform - man had smuggled in a travel iron - and his food stains and his hair.

Rod never knew how much he'd miss John's *hair* - every bit of hair gel, every millimeter of that stupid part, the one which Rod believed with every fiber of his being that John did with a ruler.

Sheppard was sexy as hell, and laid back, nothing like this person standing in front of him, his hands moving and his mouth open and nothing being said.

And if the other Rodney and that Sheppard never noticed the tension between them - the one that everyone else smirked about, well.

He walked up to John, whose eyes were big and hazel, and whose shirt showed more signs of dropped pudding than usual, because his hands got clumsy unless he was flying. And he took off his leather jacket and wrapped it around John's shoulders. Just to see - but it didn't change anything. It was still his John, now utterly in shock and so cute about it.

And, well, no point in overthinking this one. He slid his arms under the jacket, letting it fall to the ground, and gathered his John in, and - it was only Elizabeth and Ronon and Radek and Teyla.

He kissed his John. And it was - well, it was awful, because John's mouth was open but not responding and his body was all stiff - stiffer than usual, but it was still John's mouth and body and then John melted, and it was good.

"I'm home. You were wrong, and I'm home." Rod spoke right into John's mouth.

John just kissed him back.
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