Mama Deb (mamadebfic) wrote,
Mama Deb

Games (SGA John Sheppard/Rodney McKay Adult)


"Rodney?" He didn't have look up from his laptop to know that Sheppard was leaning - oh, God, *leaning* - against the door to the empty lab.


"Yeah, I can see that. You can put that seven over that eight." Rodney automatically moved the card before scowling at Sheppard. "And only one suit?"

"I'm not exactly playing for the challenge, okay?" He closed the Spider solitaire window. "I'm just relaxing for a moment while working this very important problem for...the city."

"Sure." He sat on the corner of the desk, barely visible in the glow of the laptop. "I don't want to do this, either, okay? But we need to talk."

"No, we don't. We don't need to talk, ever, and we can forget that anything confusing happened. Because I'm happy to bury it and just be, you know. What we've always been, and anyway, Mr. Open, you're good at keeping stuff inside, so why change now?" By which Rodney meant, yes. We do.


"Rodney, it's not like we're going any place new, okay? It's just a training thing at the Alpha site." Sheppard gestured at the group of Marines waiting by the gate. "For the new guys."

"Yes, I can see that, and it's not like I want to do the little torture thing your military has devised - running backwards for two kilometers with half your pack on your head or whatever."

Sheppard stuck his finger over Rodney's mouth. "Don't tell them that - it's for next week!" Rodney pulled it off in disgust. "Why do you want to go?"

Because there was absolutely nothing to do at the station, which was why Sheppard was taking the Marines out in the first place, and all his research was up to date and it was totally boring. "There are ... readings I'd like to take."

"You just can't stand to let me out of your sight, right, darling?" The Marines grinned at each other.

Okay, he knew this game. He watched guys play it at college. "Well - you know how I get."

"Oh, I do. I do." Sheppard leaned in closely. He smelled of clean exercise and coffee. "Seriously, Rodney - this is going to be live fire. You being there is a bad idea."

Yeah, not that bored. "Fine, Colonel. I'll figure something out." Sheppard nodded and signaled Chuck to dial up the alpha site. Rodney thought of something *good*. "Colonel!"

"Yes, Rodney?"

"Not even a kiss good-bye?"

"What was I thinking?" Sheppard looked at the bunch of very young men and winked. Then he planted a kiss on Rodney's mouth, and grinned hugely. The gate ka-whooshed at that exactly moment, and the entire laughing bunch disappeared.

Rodney rolled his eyes to show the rest of the people in the gateroom that he totally got the joke, which he totally did, and even thought of saying something extremely witty except he couldn't think of anything witty, so he just left to find something to do that wouldn't involved thinking about John Sheppard's mouth. Because, of course, thinking about John Sheppard's mouth was bad thing.

Which was why he was playing Spider in the dark with one suit. Since *not* thinking about Sheppard's mouth wasn't working well enough for him to play with more than one suit.

And it was even harder with the mouth in the room.


"That's what I thought." Sheppard moved his hand like he'd wanted to put it on Rodney's shoulder or something and then thought better of it, which Rodney thought was good and bad and confusing and the only place he could reach was Sheppard's knee which was even more confusing. "Look, I have to explain."

"No, no, you don't. I roomed with a football player in college until I got my own room. I know all about those games. Not that Jason ever played them with me, but it was one of those things the jocks did, and I know Jason was straight because I spent half that semester sleeping in the lounge, and the other half made my inability to buy porn less of a problem. So when he pretended to kiss other guys or called them 'ladies', well. Okay, I didn't think you'd, you know. Actually kiss me, but I'm not having some sort of heterosexual panic here, okay?"

Except he was. Because he didn't want to say that while three-quarters of the porn replacement fantasies were about the random girls, one quarter. Weren't.

"Too bad. Because, Rodney, I've been wanting to do that almost since we met." And then Sheppard smiled with that mouth. "And I was sort of hoping you'd let me do it for real."

And before Rodney could answer, or, really, his brain could reboot, they were both on their feet and Sheppard's arms were around him and his lips - oh, they were nice. Warm. A bit chapped, and there was stubble, but Rodney decided he liked stubble. And Sheppard's tongue - that was also nice. And it seemed he was kissing back, and his tongue - and, yeah, he liked it.

They finally had to breathe. Or something. "I thought..."

Sheppard - maybe he should call him John now? "Yeah. You weren't wrong about the game." He didn't let go from that clinch, either. His hands moved over Rodney's back as if they needed to touch him - as if they were hungry for this. "I just wasn't playing it."

"Good." And then they kissed again to the light of Spider Solitaire playing itself.
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