Mama Deb (mamadebfic) wrote,
Mama Deb

Flash Fic: Sports Night (Danny/Casey, Mature)

"I can't find them!" Dan began to breathe hard. Casey could see the panic starting. He, himself, was feeling an enjoyable lassitude.

"Can't find what?"

"My shoes!"

"Your shoes?"

"Yes! Brown things, cost me a fair amount, perfectly broken in and necessary for separating my socks from the sidewalks! Also, looks funny if I'm *not* wearing them. People will ask questions, and we do not want people asking questions."

"You could start a trend." Casey pulled on his pants, checking to see that the crease was as he'd left it. "We could be like the Japanese and not wear shoes in the workplace."

Dan ducked under the mixing desk again. "Yes, that would work until we had the first thumbtack or staple related tetanus, and there would be suing and blood and other not pleasant things. Casey, you tossed them some place. Where are they?"

"You're getting dust on your knees. Get up. We'll figure this out." He pulled Dan, whose clothing was thoroughly rumpled because he just threw them everywhere when he was in a hurry, to his (stocking) feet. "Let's...I know. Let's reenact the crime."

Danny glared at him. "Crime? You think someone stole my shoes? Someone snuck in here while we were...we were...and stole my shoes and we didn't notice?"

"Crime might be too strong a word. Although - given what we were doing, I don't think we'd have noticed a fire alarm." Casey knew all he'd had eyes for was Danny, moving over and in him. The building could have burned down at that point, and Casey would have died happy.

"Yeah, well. The fact remains that my shoes were on my feet when we came into the sound room and this is not a large room and I cannot find them and wardrobe does not have shoes because no one sees our feet. And you're just putting your shirt on like there's nothing wrong."

He couldn't help it. Panic looked so cute on him - Casey pulled Danny towards him and kissed him. Thoroughly. Thoroughly enough that he contemplated taking his clothes off again.

"Aha! There they are!" Dan pounced on the wayward footware, which were hiding in plain sight next to the door. Casey sighed, and tied on his own.

Jeremy gave them a strange look when they left the room. "Guys? I understand you want to keep things quiet and all, but you should probably wear your own shirts afterwards."

Danny looked *adorable* at those words.
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