Mama Deb (mamadebfic) wrote,
Mama Deb

For - Firefly, Jayne "Alone at Last"

Firefly. Jayne.

Alone at Last

"I am not having you just hanging around here doing nothing. If you're not going to help on, get yourself someplace else, hear?" Kaalee, her eyes flashing in a way that would get any normal man's heart to beating faster, stood over Jayne with her hands on her hips.

"There's nothing do anyway. We got no cows to tend, and we got days before we get to the next job. What am I supposed to do with myself?"

"Unless you want learn what you can do with a wrench 'sides hit someone over the head, you best be gone. I have to keep this pretty ship moving, and I can't with you sitting in the way."

They both knew what happened when Jayne held tools that weren't guns, so he heaved himself off the decks and took himself to the kitchen, where he was as useless as a wrench in a lifeboat with nothing to wrench, what with Wash and Zoe acting inappropriate in public, and Inara looking at the captain like he was some prize piece of jewelry when the captain wasn't looking at her, and the captain doing the same and there was no way Jayne could stand to be around that gorramed mess.

So he ended up back in his bunk with nothing to do to entertain himself but think thoughts he'd rather not be thinking, since they were about someone he shouldn't be thinking about.

But everyone else was busy or pretending to be busy, or otherwise doing something that wasn't where Jayne was, and Jayne could maybe take this time to something he never, ever would care to have anyone else know.

He reached under his mattress, where he kept those things that were private for him, and found a skinny book that was filled with pictures that he didn't want no one else to see.

He opened the book to where he was the last time.

"" If anyone heard him do that, he'd purely have to kill them.

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