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New Story - SGA, McKay/Sheppard, Teen

For gnomi - Happy belated birthday.

"Welcome to the worst kept secret in Pegasus! I think even Wraith know."

Worst Kept Secret

"I'm on level 10 in the North Tower, around the storage area."


"I'm moving east."



"You're no longer freezing to death. Stay that way for a bit, okay?" Rodney took a sip of his coffee.

"You know, I think these things work and I can come back now." Oh, John was getting bored. Not a good thing.

"Yeah, yeah. You'll be happy when you get there. Just keep going south. And remember, I can hear you cursing."

The things, the Ancient devices that amplyfied hearing, were working very well - Rodney had to carry on his end of the conversation via radio, but John was just talking. Or, in this case, breathing evenly as he jogged along in the nearby tower.

The wonder was that he had to *think* about hearing John, and that he didn't have to hear the conversation six tables away. Unless he wanted to because, as it turned out, the two people - a couple of Marines, one he knew and one he didn't - were looking at him. John's breathing faded away.

"Really?" The new guy frowned.

"Yeah." The one Rodney knew...Henderson?...grinned. "You almost never see Dr. McKay without Col. Sheppard. Not if they're both on planet and off-duty. They eat half their meals together, play games, watch movies. You know, I'll bet they're playing something now. Geeks."

"The colonel is a geek? He looks like a surfer to me." New guy laughed. "But, you know. Flyboys."

"Totally, dude. He even skateboards around the city. But he's also into chess and Star Trek, and you should hear those two get into arguments about Batman. It's the dorkiest thing ever."

Dorky? Him? Maybe Sheppard, with that hair and all, but Rodney? Rodney was...okay, fine. "Is that why he hangs around *that*guy?"

Henderson just dissolved into laughter. It took several false starts before he could speak again. "Welcome to the worst kept secret in Pegasus! I think even Wraith know."

"Know what?"

"The colonel - and no one knows why. Not even the other gay guys. The colonel has this huge crush on McKay." Rodney nearly fell out of his chair. It was a joke. It had to be a joke. John was...John was straight, right?

"You're pulling my leg."

Henderson, still laughing, shook his head. "You'll see. He's a cool guy for a dork - you already know that." The new guy nodded. "But he doesn't have a lot of friends. Mostly, since Dr. Weir and Dr. Beckett died, it's been his team - two natives and McKay. And most of the time, it's McKay. And he looks at him - oh, a blind man could see it's love."

"Everyone knows?"

"Everyone. Even the aliens - and I don't mean Teyla and Ronon, although they surely do. Know. I've heard the stories - big bad Wraith queen or whoever wants to get to Sheppard, they automatically threaten McKay."

"They're dating?" The new guy smiled. "I knew people didn't care about the regs here..."

"They don't." There was an edge in Henderson's voice. "One of the perks of being in a different galaxy."

"Too true. Was pretty much the same in Korea, too."

"Yeah. Or McMurdo. But those two? That's the best part. They should be dating, but they're not. Because McKay is totally oblivious. And Sheppard isn't telling him because he's a giant dork *and* he thinks he's got us all fooled."

Sheppard. Gay. Rodney thought. It wasn't as if he bought into stereotypes, of course, and he knew his gaydar was completely nonfunctional, but John talked about, he didn't. John didn't talk about women. And he never dated anyone who didn't throw herself at him. Even stranger - so far as Rodney knew, John had no porn at all, which was very weird. And Rodney maintained John's computer, so he'd know. And he hated it when anyone touched him...

Anyone but Rodney. Rodney could feel all the pieces falling into place, like a puzzle finally making sense. He quickly tuned out the other guys and focused on Sheppard again. "John?"

"Hi. I'm going to run out of south real soon now."

"Where are you?" Rodney dumped his tray and ran out of the mess hall, towards the North Tower.

John gave his precise location. He could get there in five minutes if he hurried. "Okay. You're practically on fire."

"Why are you out of breath?"

"Never mind."

"I'm close?"

"Yes....yes. In fact, don't move. Just. Don't move."

"Rodney, I do want to find this..."

He didn't get to finish because Rodney pushed him against the wall and started kissing him. John started out stiff, and Rodney knew his hands were moving awkwardly, and he was about to let the poor guy go when John suddenly relaxed into Rodney's arms, kissing back hungrily.

" did you know?"

Rodney smiled into John's mouth. "Worst kept secret in Pegasus."

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